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Thank you for considering us in your effort to address the behavioral health needs that confront you and your loved ones at this critical time.

We take what we do very seriously and have put over thirty years of experience into making certain that your family is provided the best possible service.

I should start by saying that we are a family of companies dedicated to the belief that every alcoholic and addict should have the opportunity to experience freedom from alcohol and drugs. Addicts and alcoholics use substances for a myriad of reasons. The end result however, is always the same. They alter their consciousness enough to lose their connection to the realities of living life in the now. They lose their ability to manage and control their drinking and or using. It ultimately progresses to the point of taking over their lives. Our goal is to stop this disease process and restore health, hope and happiness to the lives of our clients; giving them back the joy of living life in the present.

Each client is different and our structure makes it very easy for each family to determine what elements of our services best meets the needs of their loved one’s assessed profile. Customization of client care is easy to say but difficult to do if the components of care necessary to accomplish true recovery are not cohesively linked from the beginning.

In order to assess, develop and then implement each case, a case manager is assigned based on the profile of the client and their initial needs. This way, no matter which elements of our services become relevant to the case, one person will oversee that the implementation of the plan is timely, thorough and successful.

As your loved one prepares to return home, an aftercare or continuing care plan will be vital to the process. Hightower Associates is known to have the most extensive provider network in the nation. Our brand is nationally known as a distinguished leader in the services we provide.

We respectfully invite you to visit our network of websites to easily review in detail the extensive number of services we provide and to contact us about your particular needs. We can then determine what elements will serve you best.

Finally, I am confident you will realize that the focus of our efforts is to help your loved one cross the bridge from treatment into recovery. The first sixty days out of treatment are the most precarious as the client adjusts to recovery at home. It is our utmost concern to see that they are armed with the tools and support to successfully cross that bridge into a lasting and meaningful recovery.

Thank you,

Earl Hightower

Founder, Hightower Associates