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Earl Hightower

For over 35 years, Earl Hightower has worked on the front lines of addiction and recovery. 


The unique perspective that only behavioral health intervention work can offer caused Earl to recognize that the greatest gap in addiction services is during the first 60 days following residential treatment.  In other words, people are not making it across The Bridge From Treatment To Recovery©. They are relapsing, post-treatment, before they have had a chance to firmly connect themselves to their recovery communities. 


As a result, Earl’s focus for Hightower Associates’ family of companies has been to develop systems and strategies that support our clients in their goal of achieving a lasting connection to recovery.

The Hightower Associates family of companies includes:

  • Hightower Intervention Services
  • Recovery Companion Services
  • Hightower Consulting Services

Hightower Associates is the first of its kind to develop a series of companies that wrap the 30-90 day clinical service and expand the services offered our clients for up to one year.  We recognize that we are dealing with chronic, not acute issues.  This arc of treatment increases the success rate for effective transition into recovery exponentially.


Over the years, Earl has had the honor and privilege to foster many meaningful relationships and to also be acknowledged for his efforts by his community.  He has worked with leaders across many industries including business, sports, entertainment, finance and government.


A partial list of his credentials and accomplishments includes:

  • CIP – Certified Intervention Professional and Credentialed Intervention Instructor
  • BRI-II – Board Registered Interventionist – Level II
  • CCDC – Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor
  • Member – Association of Intervention Professionals
  • Board Member – National Association of Drug Court Professionals – Overseeing more than 3,000 drug courts internationally.
  • Nationally recognized speaker and educator in helping addicts, alcoholics and their families; speaking to over 100,000 people a year.
  • Speaker at Congressional Recovery Caucus as an advocate for Drug Courts.
  • 2006 Clare Foundation Tribute Award
  • 2008 Promises Community Service Award
  • 2010 National America Honors Recovery Vernon Johnson Award
  • 2011 NADCP Stanley Goldstein Hall of Fame Award
  • 2013 Friendly House Excellence in Service Award
  • 2013 White House Office of National Drug Control Policy – Champion of Recovery Award
  • 2014 Keynote Speaker – Congressman Hal Rogers’ 3rd Annual Rx Drug Abuse Summit
  • Co-Founder – Abstinence-Based Treatment Alliance 501(c)(3)
  • Founder/Therapeutic Allies – Hightower Associates’ National Coalition of Behavioral Health Clinicians trained and referring through Hightower Associates